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Oh, 2017… You Have Left Me Tired

Just to be clear, in case you didn’t see the tag, this is a “Not About Beer” post. Well, for the most part. But if this isn’t your thing, feel free to move along. Regular, beer-related programming will resume this weekend. I started Naptown Pint when I moved to Annapolis, because I was lonely. We […]

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Dear Annapolis, We’re Moving to This Summer

See editor’s note below for an update. I’ve never been good with sharing big news. Usually I ramble on for hours about nonsense details or pack in too much exposition. (“It all began back on an October afternoon in 1982, when I was born into this world…”) But for your benefit,¬†I’m going to fight against […]

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You All Need to Calm Down About Pumpkin Beer

I am in love with the coloring of this pumpkin – which took me over 10 minutes to select.¬†However, I now realize it looks like a bunch of butts from this angle. It’s been one of those weird weeks where, in the middle, it felt like it was never going to end. But now that […]

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