(That’s me on the right!)

I started Naptown Pint back in 2013 for a few pretty basic reasons. First, I was a Washington, D.C., native who had recently relocated to Annapolis, Maryland, with my husband and our two dogs, and I didn’t know anyone. Second, I had recently discovered that beer was not only a deliciously tasty beverage that paired well with softening the blow of being a Washington-area sports fan, it was also full of compelling and unexpected stories.

As Randy Mosher said in his book, Tasting Beer:

“In wine, the hand of God is foremost. But in brewing, it’s the hand of man that is clearly visible, and that for me is one of its greatest fascinations.”

See? This guy gets it.

Now, I’m the beer writer for The Capital, based in Annapolis – but you can also find my work syndicated in the Baltimore Sun. My goal is to share those untold stories behind the beer, the brewers who brew them and the communities that love them.

Most of all, however, I am committed to supporting legislation that fosters a healthy, competitive and welcoming environment for our state’s brewers, as well as our distillers and vintners. (Hey, they’re all awesome and face many of the same challenges.)

When I’m not getting fiesty and/or passionate about causes that make Maryland a more friendly place for our state’s brewers, I can usually be found wandering around Main Street in Annapolis or exploring Baltimore. Although, sometimes I do leave the state, and I definitely get to do some traveling for fun beer stuff

I do have a day job, however – one that I’m also pretty darned passionate about – as the content manager at Quintain Marketing. (And if marketing happens to be something that interests you, too, I co-host a weekly podcast called Creator’s Block, with our lead graphic designer. You should check it out.)

So pull up a pint. Make yourself comfortable. Here you’ll find a little blend of everything – mostly beer stuff, but also some behind-the-scenes peeks into my life in Maryland, as well as any other causes or thoughts that get me riled up. Probably some gratuitous dog photos, too.

If you want to connect further, I can be found on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.