Naptown Pintcast: Cindy Mullikin (Mully’s) & Maureen O’Prey (Historian)

A long time ago, in a town far, far away — okay, not that far away; just Prince Frederick, Maryland — I got to hang out for a couple of hours with two of the coolest ladies on the Maryland beer scene.

Cindy Mullikin of Mully’s Brewery (and the newly-elected president of the Brewers Association of Maryland) and Maureen O’Prey, a passionate historian, author and advocate.

Cindy (left) and Maureen (right).

Maureen talking to Mully’s patrons for her Beer in Maryland book signing event.

While a lot had changed since the last time I visited Mully’s a few years back — both for the brewery in terms of their beer and outlook, as well as for the industry at-large, with less restrictive laws in Maryland — so many things hadn’t.

The taproom is still on the smaller side (a throwback to the days before pint sales being legal), but warm, welcoming and relaxing — and now with new, expanded seating opportunities in the brewhouse itself.

Yes, they’ve put themselves on the map with beer nerds with big, hazy IPAs, boozy, barrel-aged coffee stouts, and delicious, pucker-inducing sours, but many of their biggest fans are loyal community regulars who’ve been Mully’s fans for years.

In this ladies-only episode, we cover a lot of ground.

How has Mully’s changed since they first opened their doors? What’s next for Maryland breweries following this year’s General Assembly session? What do pre-Prohibition and bowling have in common? And, if a beer blinds you, is that a good thing or a bad thing?

Okay, Here’s the Episode

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