Maryland Craft Beer: A World Without Limits (Findings of the Reform on Tap Task Force)

On April 11, 2017, Maryland Comptroller Peter Franchot announced the formation of the Reform on Tap Task Force — of which I am a member — in response to the controversy and public outcry to House Bill 1283, which passed during the 2017 Maryland General Assembly session with the following statement:

“The events that transpired in Annapolis this session were a jarring confirmation that the State of Maryland’s beer laws are antiquated, dysfunctional, anti-small business and anti-consumer.

Furthermore, the bare-knuckled treatment to which our craft brewers were subjected sent a terrible message that this innovative industry – one that is creating jobs, strengthening our economy, attracting tourists and giving back in so many ways to local communities – isn’t respected or welcomed here in Maryland.

For the sake of our economy, business reputation and our quality of life, this has to change. It will change. The fight for the future of the Maryland craft beer industry – and for everyone who benefits from the hard work of these amazing men and women – starts today. Stay tuned.”

After seven meetings, today marked the last meeting, during which the findings of the task force were unveiled.

Len Foxwell, Chief of Staff to Comptroller Franchot, mentioned at yesterday’s MPPI panel on the State of Brewery Reform in Maryland that these findings would serve as a precursor to the recommended framework for the 2018 Maryland General Assembly session, which will be unveiled sometime before the Thanksgiving holiday.

Read the Findings of the Reform on Tap Task Force

Maryland Craft Beer: A World Without Limits (34 pages) now available to download for public review:

Click above to download.

The findings include an overview of the Maryland craft beer industry as an “engine of economic growth” through community development, agriculture, tourism, as well as its overall impact on the state economy; a post-mortem of House Bill 1283; and opportunities for progress.

Here is a preview of selected excerpts from the full report, available above:

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Further analysis of the findings, as well as the previous meeting on October 25, 2017, will follow shortly.

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