Naptown Pintcast: Kevin Blodger of Union Craft Brewing

Have you heard of Union Craft Brewing in Baltimore? Then you probably fall into one of two categories:

  1. You love their beer, and you already know how awesome Union head brewer Kevin Blodger is; or
  2. You love their beer, and now it’s time to get to know Kevin Blodger.

(There’s probably a third category of not liking their beer, and thus not caring about who Kevin Blodger is… but if that sounds like you, we may not be able to be friends, so let’s just move on.)

Kevin Blodger, Union Craft Brewing head brewer, all-around badass

One sunny Friday morning not too long ago, I made my way to Baltimore to sit down with Kevin in Union’s taproom. During our chat, we talked about:

  • How he got his start in brewing and his background at Gordon Biersch and District Chophouse.
  • Upcoming collaborations with Goonda Beersmiths, Oliver Brewing Co. and Stillwater Artisanal.
  • Why the first day they ever brewed their Duckpin was the worst day ever.
  • Moving to their new space — the Union Collective — and the community-focused vision behind their new space.
  • Bars vs. brewery taprooms — what’s the difference?
  • How it felt to have Guinness’ interests as a foreign company prioritized ahead of local Maryland brewers.
  • “Shelfies” vs. limited releases…. and much more!

Okay, Here’s the Episode

“When I look back on it, we were doing something really cool. We were training as German brewers … We were getting a formal brewing education through our practices.”

“We’ve got all of these great breweries here already — why not do everything you can to help them shine?”

“I wish that at some point [Del. Talmadge Branch] had reached out to us, so we can show him what we do here…”

“There isn’t a single brewer in the state that I don’t like, that I’m not happy to see every time I see them.”

“I hate this saying that if you can buy a beer on the shelf, it’s not as good as a limited release.”

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