Naptown Pintcast: John Knorr (Evolution Brewing Co.) and Jake Day (Mayor of Salisbury)


I flipped my editorial calendar upside down for this week to bring you a sneak preview episode of the Naptown Pintcast, just in time for Labor Day. It features my full interview with John Knorr, co-founder of Evolution Brewing Company in Salisbury, Maryland, and Salisbury Mayor Jake Day.

(If you want to skip all the exposition, you can scroll down to listen to the full episode below.)

John Knorr and Jake Day

All three of us serve as members of Comptroller Peter Franchot’s Reform on Tap Task Force — and on August 16, Evolution hosted the task force’s first official town hall meeting.

Evolution co-founders John and Tommy Knorr with Comptroller Chief of Staff Len Foxwell (left) and Comptroller Peter Franchot (middle right) in the barrel room of Evolution Brewing Company, August 16, 2017.

Following the conclusion of the town hall, I snagged John and Jake for a few beers and some conversation.

We talked about what’s happening with Maryland beer right now, the task force, the role of craft breweries in economic development and community revitalization, Evolution’s story, and the “evolution” of the town of Salisbury.

There was a lot of good discussion, but it was also hard to acknowledge certain realities.

For example, we know that when you’re putting dollars into an Evolution beer, those dollars are going directly back into the Salisbury community.

And yet many of our local, small, independent brewers are left with the “choice” between fighting tooth and nail with the legislature to be allowed to grow, or sticking with the status quo of being grateful for being allowed to exist at all.

All while brewers in other states are allowed — and encouraged — to flourish.

Okay, Here’s the Episode

“The regulatory framework is being protected for the sake of what it has been and has produced, and not for the sake of the public interest or the public health.

And it really concerns me that we are allowing that framework to exist — which truly benefits an industry at the expense of other industries. And I don’t think that has to be true. It doesn’t have to be true.”

Jake Day, Mayor of Salisbury

“It’s difficult to look at Virginia, Pennsylvania, D.C., and what the breweries are able to do unshackled, and then what we have to deal with in Maryland.”

John Knorr, Evolution Craft Brewing

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