Sometimes… Interviewing Is Messy


For those of you who know me, it should come as no surprise that my interactions with people who have the misfortune of being one of my interview subjects can sometimes be as fraught with the same mishaps and catastrophes I tend to encounter in my daily life.

For those of you who don’t know me, let’s get you onboarded with the fact that I’m a total mess in every way. I’m like the Mary Poppins of disasters and general disorder. (One time I knocked over two different glasses of water on two completely different tables in a single 20-second period, as I attempted to walk across a room. It was delightful.)

Why am I bringing this up today? Well, recently I had the pleasure of reliving one of my more graceful moments when I was reviewing a transcribed version of my interview with Ben Savage of Flying Dog Brewery from earlier this year, as part of their 25th anniversary

Ben: It’s not just about being a beer factory. That’s the trap. I think we look at… we look at Sierra [Nevada]. Sierra has obviously been able to get really big and still maintain that authenticity of who they are and what they stand for. More importantly, they’re not just their pale ale. 

Hold on. Liz, you’re getting ink on your face.

Me: I am?

Ben: Yeah, like… here.

Me: Oh my god. Oh… oh my god. Well, we’ll keep talking while we do this. Jesus.

Ben: I know… it’s like it broke or something. I saw it more on your cheek and then it just started like – 

Me: Oh my god. Well, that’s really embarrassing – 

Ben: I could get you – 

Me: Yeah, well, I’m not using this pen. It broke. The top of the pen broke. That’s what happens. Well, I have to say this is this a first for an interview. Oh my god.

Ben: I kind of wetted it for you, because, it’s probably… well, it’s everywhere.

Me: Well, that’s definitely a first. I’m klutzy in a lot of ways, but I’ve never turned myself into a clown midchat before.

Ben: I was wondering where that was coming from…

Me: Yeah, tip of the pen broke. Oh well, anyway. What was I going to say?

A fine moment in journalism, if I do say so myself. I’m a winner.

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