DRY 85 Has a New Beer Toy, It’s Awesome

dry 85 nitro

Before Patrick, Terry and I made our way to Union Craft Brewing in Baltimore two weekends ago, we hit up DRY 85 for lunch. Lo and behold, a burger topped with bacon jam (!) was not the only surprise that day.

While we were there, Brian Bolter took us on a “backstage tour” of something rather special – a new system that enables them to remove carbonation from ANY beer of their choosing and then pour it with nitrogen.

For some, this may seem like nothing fancy – it’s not like beers on nitro are uncommon. This system, however, produces a totally different nitrogen pour experience due to its ability to completely remove carbonation from a beer before the introduction of nitrogen. Not one to be swayed by words alone, I took the system for a test drive during our lunch with Lagunitas Scare City #2, a rye cocoa porter. (Purely for science reasons, of course.) The result? A beer that was smooth, creamy and rich beyond expectation. It was as if I was drinking liquid velvet, with absolutely no depth of flavor lost.

Other than Jailbreak Brewing Company, a system like this can only be found in Maryland at DRY 85 – meaning they’re the only bar in the Free State with this system. (Ten points to Annapolis. We may be small, but we can be mighty about beer.)

Meet Nugget


The past 10 days has featured a few lows, but there have also been some highs – a trip to Union Brewing in Baltimore (finally) and the opening of BAROAK, to name a couple. But for now, I’m going to focus on our day trip to Virginia today, where we not only came home with a nice little haul of beer goodies we can’t get in Maryland – the Free State is only Free-ish when it comes to good beer distribution – we also brought home a little friend…

nugget one

Meet Nugget, the newest member of the Naptown Pint tribe. Nugget is a rescued Jack Russell-Pug mix with a spunky personality. She is also now the proud owner of an epic Maryland collar and tag combination. No Ravens representation, however – much to Patrick’s chagrin. I may be a sad, self-hating Redskins fan, but I have to stand for something. Otherwise I’ll fall for anything, right?

Flashback Friday: The Lincoln Memorial

lincoln memorial

This year, Patrick and I decided to make a list of 12 goals – one per month. They cover everything from a monster truck rally to seeing the statue inside the Lincoln Memorial.

The latter was our goal for January, because even though I am a Washington, D.C., native, and I’ve driven around the Lincoln Memorial countless times since my childhood, I had never, ever seen Lincoln’s statue or the reflecting pool. As Heidi would say, I’m the worst.

So on the last morning of the month – a very cold morning, I might add – we crossed this one off of our list.